We done gone framed it

This week has seen a rapid transformation at the build site. The above video shows how it changed in just one day!

Big thanks to Mark who joined us for two days, he is the framing guru!

The roof sheeting was done with beetle kill pine.
In conventional construction this would have been done with OSB (chip board). OSB is “an engineered wood product formed by layering strands (flakes) of wood in specific orientations. In appearance, it may have a rough and variegated surface with the individual strips of around 2.5 x 15 cm / 1 x 6 inch, lying unevenly across each other.”
The glues are not something we want to be putting into this house as they contain fun stuff like formaldehyde.

Using the pine boards takes longer to do, but it’s worth it.

Team roofing finish up the last board on the roof. The boards were run long so that we could come back and skill saw the whole lot at once.

I’m particularly proud of this feature, it being my little project. The eaves taper down


The roof trusses we made in the first week, all in place

While we finished up the roof, the good people from JB Plumbing came and laid the plumbing pipes

To finish the week – we are waterproof!

To celebrate another hard, but highly productive week we all went over to our faithful leader, Eric’s house for a swim, food and a dance.
Debauchery ensued, and I’m pretty sure we’ll never be invited back.

2 Responses to “We done gone framed it”
  1. That looks great !!! 🙂

  2. laurenbuilds says:

    Mark: “Nail it.”
    The new roof design looks awesome and I love the move away from OSB!

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