And we’re off!

We have arrived in Moab, Utah! It’s hot, beautiful and desert like.

Since arriving we have spent our time getting to know the interns, our instructor: Eric, his apprentice: Kate, plus of course the queen of metaphors and Community Rebuilds founder/exec. director: Emily Niehaus.

We have an international bunch, coming from as far as Turkey, Denmark, Spain, England, Texas & all over the US.

Once the introductions were over and we had survived a grueling two day ‘team building’ river trip (floating casually down the river enjoying the occasional beer)… It was time to get on with bidness.

The old, poorly insulated and pungent trailer

This is the trailer that sits on our lot. It has served it’s purpose as budget housing well, but it is no match for a super insulated straw bale house, so now it’s time to go.

Goodbye Stinky!

With the trailer gone, and the site cleared we headed into the workshop to begin making the roof trusses for the new house.

Roof truss layout jig

We spent a day and a half cutting all our truss pieces to length and cutting angles where needed. Then it was time to layout. All the components are inserted into a jig and held in place with metal plates nailed in. This whole process was a great intro to tool safety, how to read plans and got us working together like a super efficient machine.

Trusses are rolled to secure the metal plates

Just a few more to go!

While the trusses were being constructed, a small team led by expert Francisco were creating the kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet units, one with finished alder face, the doors will be made soon

Julia loves sanding

So that’s it, we’re off. We are 2 days in, and already 1 day ahead (rumors that this is the best ever CR group are being heard around town)

Next week will see us forming and pouring the foundation… Yipee!

2 Responses to “And we’re off!”
  1. Sam says:

    If Julia’s going to be sanding a lot, might be a good idea to wear a mask…those orbital sanders can kick off some dust.

  2. Jen says:

    Best ever CR group?
    We shall see, the bar has been set very high indeed!
    Hope to meet you all very soon.

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