Community Rebuilds on KSL

See the video here! MOAB — When Nancy Morlock and her boyfriend Eric Boxrud were ready to give up the communal living that tends go hand in hand with being a mountain bike guide in Moab, their search for a place of their own yielded results that were less than appealing. “Houses were priced out of … Continue reading

International Straw Builders’ Conference – Fund Raising!

The 2012 International Straw Builders’ Conference runs from September 16 – 22, 2012 At the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado USA. The mission of the 2012 ISBC is to foster the development, improvement, education and positive impacts of straw building and related sustainable building approaches. The international nature of the conference supports the … Continue reading

We done gone framed it

This week has seen a rapid transformation at the build site. The above video shows how it changed in just one day! Big thanks to Mark who joined us for two days, he is the framing guru! The roof sheeting was done with beetle kill pine. In conventional construction this would have been done with … Continue reading

Some bloody good boots!

It’s said that a successful building needs ‘A Good Hat and a Good Pair of Boots‘ This week we made the boots, in the form of a concrete foundation. Now concrete is not such a great material for the environment. It has truck loads of embodied energy and it’s manufacture is said to produce 5% … Continue reading

Where should the house go?

We used a solar pathfinder to see which parts of the property would get the most sunlight. This deviously clever, yet super simple tool, maps the tree cover in an area. You trace the trees you can see in the pathfinders dome onto a solar chart. You can then easily see from the chart which … Continue reading

And we’re off!

We have arrived in Moab, Utah! It’s hot, beautiful and desert like. Since arriving we have spent our time getting to know the interns, our instructor: Eric, his apprentice: Kate, plus of course the queen of metaphors and Community Rebuilds founder/exec. director: Emily Niehaus. We have an international bunch, coming from as far as Turkey, … Continue reading

Introducing the Fall 2012 blogger…

Hi Everyone, I’m Jeffrey! I am thrilled to be the fall 2012 blogger, keeping ya’ll updated on the goings on here in sunny Moab. A quick introduction to me…. I am originally from England and have been living between the US and Canada for the last 3 years. I worked for five years in London … Continue reading

Presenting Nine – Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Building Crew

Welcome to the Fall 2012 building crew! They have come from all over the world this semester…we’ve got a mature, international theme going. To celebrate, we decided that the best way to introduce everyone this semester is by name, country/state of origin, and a photo that likens an American Senior Year High School photo. Presenting … Continue reading