June 22nd, 2012 – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony #3

There is always a little piece of sadness whenever something is severed. Cutting the red ribbon tied to the front door of 496 Bowen Circle – the new home of Eric Boxrud and Nancy Morlock – a home built in 4 months by 8 amazing interns from all over the US and 2 dedicated builder/instructors – to sever the red ribbon on this 22nd day of June was bittersweet.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We whopped it up and celebrated all day long and into the night. We began with a dedication at noon by founding director, Emily Niehaus. After the dedication, Eric and Nancy happily cut the ribbon, took the keys from Community Rebuilds, and welcomed their community into their home. Thanks to Tyson Swasey for the amazing ribbon cutting fisheye shots of Eric, Nancy, and the ribbon. We kept the doors open until 5pm to give others the opportunity to see the work. Maybe you missed the open house? Check out the finished product here. Thanks to Whit Richardson for the pro shots of the home.

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Next build is located on 300 East – in old town Moab. We will be replacing a doublewide this time for Allison VanLonkhuyzen. Dutch girl – Dutch gables for a new look – and a Dutch door off the master bedroom. We welcome our Fall 2012 students to our Moab community on August 1st.

But – this post began with a bittersweet note that needs an explanation. For the past 2 builds, CR has rested on the cushy seat of a 3-legged stool: Eric Plourde, Kelly Ray Mathews, and Emily Niehaus. This team of three worked hard to keep communication lines open, create a positive experience for our students, and meet our timeline and budget goals. Kelly Ray announced this past Spring that it was his desire to bring the spirit of Community Rebuilds to his hometown of Durango, Colorado. It is with so much bittersweet joy to report that CR will be expanding this Fall 2012 into Durango with the instruction of Kelly Ray and his newly formed Durango team. This Chapter of Community Rebuilds will mirror the work we have accomplished in Moab while attending to the affordable housing needs and community of Durango.

Follow us this Fall as we broaden our scope and further our mission to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability, and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program…in Moab AND Durango!

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