Serah Mead…and she’s STILL blogging about us!

Serah Mead

  Dear Serah Mead, Thank you for your most recent blog about Community Rebuilds. Unfortunately this particular blog was published on instead of here. So, I am taking the liberty to link us up. (How cool is this?!?!) When birds grow into their wings, they fly away. Thank you for staying connected like … Continue reading

To the Spring 2012 Crew – from Eric Plourde, Instructor and Builder

Spring 2012 Building Crew

-Final Thoughts- As I sat alone in this straw house tonight and stared at another nearly finished project I felt more pride and more surrounded by beauty then I have on any other project I have been a part of. I have built a lot of things, a lot of very beautiful things but little … Continue reading

Finish plaster and final adobe floor coat. Done.

The end of the semester came as we lightened up the rooms, wall by wall, with finish plaster. Each day we shuffled in, masked edges we wanted to keep nice, listened to words of wisdom from Kelly Ray on plastering technique, someone was mix master, cooking up the days plaster, Eric was always floating about, … Continue reading