Whoop-ds, Schwoop-ds, and farewell Alyssa.

Before we begin our final interior plasters, we must first sob in our mixing buckets because our fellow intern Alyssa had to part with us a couple of weeks early to jump into a Montana trail crew program. If I could see the computer screen well enough through my tears, I’d wish her well. Sniffle. We’re a little nervous to tackle the finishing weeks without her.

Also before we begin our final interior wall plasters, we must first tackle the ceiling. Ceiling plaster has a particular trickiness to it because 1) it’s new to us, 2) you can work your trowel over it only a couple of times before it starts to look worse and worse, 3) you must work in tandem with your peers, moving across the ceiling quickly, no matter how bad their armpit smells, and 4) when you make dramatic back bend trowel swoops, you might fall off your step stool.

Whoop-ds (as Kelly Ray calls them) are curvy lines built into the seems where two walls meet. We have a whoopd-d in the master bedroom (Alyssa built),  in the living room (Lauren built), and also two on the exterior (Matt and Jerry). There is also a lens type whoop-d along the edge of the master bathroom window (Cali built).

Schwoop-ds (naturally) are curvy lines across a ceiling, where two different plaster colors meet. For our schwoop-d in the living room, we plastered in pale pale brown, taped the curve, then plastered to the tape with white plaster. Our Schwoop-d defines the kitchen area from the living room area and meets in the corner with our living room whoop-d.

More pictures of gorgeous curves to come.

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