Mud, mud, mud. Hint of lime.

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Our interior and exterior walls each receive three coats of earthen plaster.

In the past couple of weeks we have learned how to apply the second coats, which are applied with hawk and trowel. In one hand (usually the left) you hold the hawk, which has a pancake’s worth of plaster balanced atop it. In the other hand you hold your trowel. We are using steel, rectangular, flat plaster trowels, approximately 4″ x 11″. While learning the nifty flip-up trick of getting plaster on your trowel, we dropped a lot of mud, got all our clothes filthy, and laughed again and again.

The approximate recipe of our interior brown coat (the second coat):

20 shovel scoops sifted soil from our work site (as our clay)

20 shovel scoops sand

1-2 loosely packed 5 gallon buckets of finely shredded straw

enough water to achieve a wiggly, wet concrete type consistency

The approximate recipe for our exterior second coat (lime, not mud):

some lime

some sand

some straw….

there was definitely some water in there…does anyone have the recipe card? (to be continued)

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