Hot Spots are Bad

Jeff Tobe and his PV Panel

Jeff Tobe from Solar Energy International did it again! Welcome back, Jeff! Thanks for making the trip from Paonia to again share your knowledge of the sun’s power.

In the morning we received our dose of Electricity 101 – ranging from AmpsxVolts=Watts to why inverters are so cool. In the afternoon Jeff led us through a discussion on solar shower design and placement. Finally, Jeff pulled out a solar pv (photovoltaic) panel and demonstrated the direct power of the sun with a simple water pump apparatus. We talked about panels…we talked about how if a bird poops on a panel and it doesn’t get cleaned off it can diminish the amount of power the panel gives off AND it can create a ‘hot spot’ on the panel which is very bad because it can destroy the elements.

Thanks Jeff – for bringing your love of solar power to our class, for inspiring us to tune in by turning stuff off, and for giving us yet another poo topic!

Here are some pics from the day…

Jeff Tobe leads us in solar shower placement     Jeff Tobe and the CR crew reading the sun's path in the backyard.     Jeff Tobe and his PV Panel Thank You Solar Energy International!

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