Interior framing and learning about cob.

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Gotta get caught up…

Two weeks ago, after trimming and setting our bales, we started framing our interior walls. We learned about standard (16″ on center) and advanced (24″ on center) framing. Then we began framing our interior walls, paying special attention to which walls would be lath and plaster and which walls would be drywall. Per code, we used drywall on many of our interior walls to provide shear strength.

To make all our bales flush on our exterior, we applied a soupy clay slip, then clods of cob. The slip helps the cob adhere to the straw wall. Cob is a tacky, hairy mixture of clay, water, and straw. Then we apply fiberglass mesh to bridge our smooth wood beams to our straw and cob covered straw walls. The fiberglass is not our first choice, being a highly unnatural material, but it was recommended by our engineer for holding the weight of the entire earthen plaster wall.

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