Hot Spots are Bad

Jeff Tobe and his PV Panel

Jeff Tobe from Solar Energy International did it again! Welcome back, Jeff! Thanks for making the trip from Paonia to again share your knowledge of the sun’s power. In the morning we received our dose of Electricity 101 – ranging from AmpsxVolts=Watts to why inverters are so cool. In the afternoon Jeff led us through … Continue reading

Drywall, plaster, sun tubes, gable vents.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been tying up several smaller projects. The was parted into small groups or pairs: affixing the last pieces of roofing onto the eyebrows, drilling through the roof to add sun tubes into the bathrooms, screwing drywall to the ceiling and some walls, lath stapled onto other walls, … Continue reading

Interior framing and learning about cob.

Gotta get caught up… Two weeks ago, after trimming and setting our bales, we started framing our interior walls. We learned about standard (16″ on center) and advanced (24″ on center) framing. Then we began framing our interior walls, paying special attention to which walls would be lath and plaster and which walls would be … Continue reading