Our first clay mix on site!

Tuesday morning Kelly Ray, Eric, and a dumptruck met us on site. The dumptruck contained a few cubic yards of clay-sand to mix for our adobe floor. We started by adding soil from the site onto the foamboard and radiant tubing base. We ensured the tubing was supported and covered, then tamped it to compact it into all the little gaps. Then it was approximately 40 shovel scoops of clay-sand , 2+ buckets of water, and a bucket of loose straw per batch in our mixer. Once it reached the correct feeling of goopiness, determined by the mixer handlers, the adobe was poured into wheelbarrows and brought to the floor of the house. Interns awaited with wood floats to press, mold, massage, and skim the adobe into place, with a level and smoothed surface. Repeat, repeat, repeat, for every 3 feet, across the entire 25′ x 49′ floor.

In the afternoon we had volunteer visitors, thankfully! 3 students and a leader from Daystar Academy in Castle Valley helped push and smooth the floor, wall to wall and out the front door. With two mixers and 14+ people, the work site was incredibly busy. Kelly Ray kept interns in check by occasionally glopping the adobe mix on our shoes or laughing at our attempts at organization.

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