Bake sale and permaculture weekend.

Friday afternoon we gathered around plates of cookies atop our straw bales, all with the hope of supporting Emily’s trip to Washington D.C. to accept the Champions of Change award. Thank you to everyone who baked cookies and everyone who bought the yummy treats to support Emily and Community Rebuilds!

The next morning we gathered at Wildland Scapes ( to have an introduction to permaculture principles. Our instructor, leader, guru (plant prophet?) Joel Glanzberg ( returned for a two-day workshop with the interns, Emily, our homeowners Eric and Nancy, and several community members. Some of us arrived at the workshop assuming permaculture was mostly about gardening, but our minds were expanded to a new understanding of natural systems and our exchanges with them. We learned about stacking functions, zones, edges, activating and resistant forces, and how to see that “the problem is the solution”. We spent our second day in Castle Valley, including directed conversations about the area watershed plan and our design project plans for our build site. We learned how difficult it can be to nail down one’s specific aim, purpose, and tools to achieve it (all puns not intended). We left with a fresh perspective on Community Rebuilds as an organization, our role in building this house for Eric and Nancy, and how many ideas that Eric and Kelly Ray have offered us tie together.

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