A beginners guide to bale terms.

  Straw bale: a rectangular block of compressed straw (in our case, wheat straw), bound with two cords, these comprise the majority of our straw bale house walls Mini bale: a small bale that has been created by separating a straw bale into smaller portions, often placed between regular sized bales Micro bale: the even smaller cousin … Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago, it was: What’s the board on the front of that seam?         Fascia. This week, it’s: What do you call the underneath of the roof again?        Soffit. It’s definitely a french word, from Latin suffigere, to fix underneath. For us, it has been fixed underneath our … Continue reading

Our first clay mix on site!

Tuesday morning Kelly Ray, Eric, and a dumptruck met us on site. The dumptruck contained a few cubic yards of clay-sand to mix for our adobe floor. We started by adding soil from the site onto the foamboard and radiant tubing base. We ensured the tubing was supported and covered, then tamped it to compact … Continue reading

Bake sale and permaculture weekend.

Friday afternoon we gathered around plates of cookies atop our straw bales, all with the hope of supporting Emily’s trip to Washington D.C. to accept the Champions of Change award. Thank you to everyone who baked cookies and everyone who bought the yummy treats to support Emily and Community Rebuilds! The next morning we gathered … Continue reading