Pulling forms and insulating the foundation.

We peeled the tarp blankets back from our concrete foundations to find that they set well over the weekend. The next steps for the foundation were wrapping it in more insulation panels to be at least 3″ thick. When we poured concrete, we set bolts close to the edge of the exterior wall. Now we drills holes through pressure treated two-by-fours to match the bolts. This forms a rail inside the perimeter of the foundation that we will nail our framing into. The most difficult part was chiseling out wood in spots where the bolt wasn’t the perfect height. While many of us worked on these tasks, one intern, or Eric, was handling the power digger (it definitely has a more specific name  that I cannot currently remember). We were all thankful for the hours of digging it saved us. Our plumber, Mancus installed our bathroom and kitchen pipes and water lines, as well as potential future greywater pipes.


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