Sheeting the roof and laying radiant heating tubing.

At the end of last week and starting this week work continued on the roof and on our interior floor. We split into two groups to construct our end gables and eyebrows, sheet each side of the roof, and take turns shoveling gravel in and leveling the interior of the house. We formed 6 inch … Continue reading

Bake Sale?

White House - Champion of Change

YES! Community Rebuilds is hosting its first ever bake sale! And with every bake sale, there is a cause. Community Rebuilds’ Founder and Executive Director, Emily Niehaus, has been invited to Washington DC to be honored as a Champion of Change. See the White House website for details (click on the link):  How much … Continue reading

Pushing up trusses.

Seeing our beams up made us interns realize we were actually building a house. Then we started putting the trusses on, probably the most harrowing experience of the build so far. Each side is lifted to the top of the beams, then we use a long two-by-four to push the peak of the truss into … Continue reading

Going vertical: let the framing begin.

We’ve taken the foundation as far as we can for now. Onward and upward! -Lauren

Pulling forms and insulating the foundation.

We peeled the tarp blankets back from our concrete foundations to find that they set well over the weekend. The next steps for the foundation were wrapping it in more insulation panels to be at least 3″ thick. When we poured concrete, we set bolts close to the edge of the exterior wall. Now we … Continue reading

Forming foundations and pouring concrete.

At the groundbreaking, in addition to friends of the organization, the board of directors, and neighbors, was the cat that visits us every morning, who goes by Snufflekins, Litterbiscuits, or Dr. Meow (below). When the crowd cleared out, Tony started up the Bobcat and leveled the house site for us. In addition to manufacturing our trusses … Continue reading


Breaking Ground

In case you missed it…here’s what Emily Niehaus, Exec. Director had to say: “Welcome! Thank you all for coming to this fabulous occasion on this fabulous morning. Welcome to the new faces…and those who have shared our previous groundbreaking events. This will be our third build, and three is the magic number. What’s New: Our pilot … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Dump in the World.

pink trailer - Valentine's Day - the (second) most beautiful dump in the world...Alaska holds the honor of #1

All day Monday, we ripped recyclable and resuable materials out of the trailer: sinks, cabinets, tiling, light fixtures, copper pipes and wire, plates, doors, and of course appliances. We tore a few windows out for a future green house project. We stored appliances for the future homeowners and took other reusables to Wabi Sabi. At … Continue reading

End of week 2

Wednesday and Thursday we built the trusses and the cabinets for the straw bale house. We joined Chris and Francisco in the wood shop for some training on power tools (and of course safety). Cali, Matt, and Alyssa were on cabinets. Out back, Jason, Kelly, and Jerry were cutting the longest beams for the trusses. Inside, … Continue reading

Eric Plourde, Dave Conine, Jim Lindheim, and Spiderman

HERE”S TO THIS WEEK’S HEROES! Thanks to Eric P for welcoming the students and leading them into another fabulous semester! HAPPY 70th Birthday to Dave Conine, USDA RD Utah State Director and BIG supporter of Community Rebuilds. Happy Birthday, Dave! Thanks to Jim Lindheim for writing and rewriting 4 fabulous scripts for our Spring 2012 … Continue reading