The End (part 1): Finish Plaster

As I write this, the floors are drying. Yesterday we (sans Lisa, Grant and Jerry) laid the final coat of plaster on the floor, dancing around each other, slowly backing ourselves out the patio doors. We’re locked out until the 10th now.

But I need to back up and catch us all up to speed. This post is about what happened on Monday.

Every morning, before or after stretches we gather around and discuss the day will look like. Now that the doors and windows are in, the house is warm and cozy.

Front door with finish plaster!

Closet and detail in Laurel's bedroom.

Plastering is messy business. Jerry is our self-proclaimed sloppiest plasterer, but also the silliest to plaster with. Giggles all day.


Lisa and Jerry (we miss you!) discussing the deeper side of plaster.

Paige and I (Serah) spent pretty much all Monday getting plastered in the bathroom. That came out wrong: plasterING the bathroom. So pretty.

Ladies and gentlemen: the work of Master Kelly Ray. This is the backsplash for the sink made from a simple mixture of sand, water and pigment.

Goodnight, house.

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