From Balloons to Birds

December 29th – Noon – the ribbon cutting ceremony opened with blue skies and to a warm community. ¬†Guests were welcomed and asked to take a handful of birdseed and scatter it somewhere out on the property. Emily Niehaus, founder and director, then spoke to the crowd: “I have been challenged this past semester to … Continue reading

Castles Made of Sand

As Wade, Paige and I Backed ourselves out of the main room of Laurel’s house, spreading a fine, smooth, earth plaster over the floor, Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made of Sand” came on the radio. We realized together that not only is this the most succesful ‘sand castle’ we’d ever built, but it is the most … Continue reading

The End: Finale

The End (Part 3): Tadelakt / Goodbye Lisa

I don’t know why I looked forward to rubbing a stone on a wall for so long, but it was everything I thought it would be and more. On Wednesday between reminiscing about good times with Lisa and eating delicious treats from Eric’s wife, we crammed ourselves into the shower. It’s the first time I’ve … Continue reading

The End (Part 2): More Finish Plaster / Goodbye Grant & Jerry

The rooms have transformed. They are warm and filled with light now that the butter-cream colored finish plaster covers the walls. We have become near-masters of the hawk and trowel flip, the even spread, the sponge and compress … we can handle anything. On this day, Tuesday, Kelly Ray decided not to come in to … Continue reading

The End (part 1): Finish Plaster

As I write this, the floors are drying. Yesterday we (sans Lisa, Grant and Jerry) laid the final coat of plaster on the floor, dancing around each other, slowly backing ourselves out the patio doors. We’re locked out until the 10th now. But I need to back up and catch us all up to speed. … Continue reading