oo lala

Another day of finish plaster and this’n’that. Jason prepared the floors for finish plaster. Grant worked with Eric on the bathroom ‘vanity’ countertop. Gabriel sifted sand. The rest of us plastered like it was going out of style. The rooms are all different colors, warm tones that make the room feel rich and full of comfort. Things are coming together in a real way.

Barn wall, ceiling, wall.

Sometimes, if you overwork the plaster, or it's too thick, or there's a big hump on the wall, or millions of other reasons, you'll get some cracking in your finish plaster. Here, Kelly teaches us how he fixes it. It's slow and steady, calm and patient.

Gabriel shoveled all day, sifting (first through two layers or mesh and then by hand) through fine sand to produce the most excellent mixing material for tomorrow's plastering.

Grant murdered someone in the bathroom. Just kidding, he and Eric were using a grinder on the countertop in the bathroom.

Paige and Kelly applying the final touches on the Northwest bedroom wall.

Paige and Lisa in the main room.

The main room after what seemed like 5 minutes.

The counter in the bathroom. Coins had been placed in the concrete which later appeared as the rough top layer was ground away.

The sink. Ooo lala.

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