Clean hawk, clean trowel, clean hands, clean heart.

We’re somewhere between the Final Push and the Push Before the Final Push.

The outside.

Kitchen counter AND cabinets! There's Millie, too.

The walls of two bedrooms have been finish plastered (the rest of the house is getting plastered as I write this).

The closet in the Southwest bedroom. This photo captures the color most truly.

Laurel has added some wall decoration in the master bedroom. Shelves will be mounted above these details making it look as though they're being held up by vines or branches.

Closet in the master bedroom, and you can see the other wall decoration.

Bathroom counter. For some reason, we're all calling it 'the vanity,' Not quite yet.

A beautiful deep sink.

In this photo you can see the great difference in color of rooms finished and unfinished.

Wade is always awesome.

Kitchen island.

Future kitchen sink.

Northwest corner at 3:45 pm.

The kitchen! (Taken from french patio doors on South side)

One Response to “Clean hawk, clean trowel, clean hands, clean heart.”
  1. bobby boohecker says:

    So awesome! You,are all rawesome!

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