CR google calendar

The floor is smooth and sometimes delicate. We walk around with care and try as hard as we can to not drop hammers or chisels. The Google calendar for this week reads: “Pour Slabs, Trim, Cabinets, Countertops, Wood Wall, Bar install, Electrical” and then overlapping that around Friday, it reads “permaculture workshop.

Pour slabs means the crew has been working on landscaping around the house. We’ve been working on this since last week after we put the finish trowel coat on the floor.

Trim means putting those beautiful bits of trim around the doors of the bedrooms.

Cabinets means that part of the crew has been working with a local cabinet master building, from scratch, wooden vessels that will house plates, bowels, cups, pots, pans, herbs, and whatever else Laurel puts in her cabinets.

Countertops means countertops.

Wood wall means putting up pieces of timber on the wall separating the master bedroom from the living area.

Bar install means…setting up and installing the sink and cabinet island in the kitchen!

And finally, electrical means correctly installing electrical in the kitchen area. In Community Rebuilds, the student interns do not install any large-scale serious electrical work, we save that for the pros, but we do get to assist Eric and Kelly in smaller sections of the wiring. Fun.

Project assembly on a classic CR work table

The beautiful front door, which, due to the passive solar positioning of the site might be used as a back door, now has a beautiful window!

Today's high is 49ºF, the low is 25ºF. The snow is now sticking on the mountains.

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