Dirt don’t hurt.

We’ve made big advancements in the house this past week. One major thing to note is that the house stays warm over night! When we walk in the patio doors in the mornings, the space inside is significantly warmer than the recent frigid Moab Winter weather outside. Sprinkled in with all this building was: Halloween, Grant’s fake birthday party, Pumpkin Chuckin’, and a presentation from Jeff Tobe of Solar Energy International. We’ll give all these wonderful things their own blog posts so stay tuned!

Here’s just some of what we’ve done:

  1.  West facing fascia is completed.
  2.  The floor has one more layer of super smooth mud plaster.
  3.  The shower has its first coat of lime plaster and a concrete pan.
  4.  all but one of the exterior doors has been installed.
  5.  The attic access has been insulated and the entire attic space has blown cellulose insulation.

We also want to extend a huge warm thank you to Erica Yoshimoto for her hard work and great attitude. We’ll miss you!

Jerry working on the West end fascia

Eric at the patio door. Don't worry, Paige scraped all that green stuff off the window the next day.

Laurel's dog has been known to scratch at the bases of doors. So we installed pretty custom tile sections in every doorway.

Step one of shower. What you see here is the concrete shower pan with lathe on the three walls. The lathe will later be covered with three more different layers of plaster, all natural, and will eventually be waterproof. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Meet Erica: She is a traveler, thinker, laugher, and hard worker. She spent 3 days working with us on site, learned about solar energy with us and generally became one of the family the short time she was here. Thanks Erica!

Our non-fiberglass, cellulose, blow-able insulation.

It's starting to get cold here.

When we're preparing to apply another coat of mud to the adobe floor, we end up sweeping around a lot of dust. Masks keep us healthy but it's still nice to know we're not breathing chemicals and toxic dust. Dirt don't hurt.

Paige saws with the Halloween spirit.

Grant and Lisa apply the first layer of lime plaster to the shower lathe.

Kelly demonstrates (on his own cheek) the smoothness of the finished 'tadelakt.'

It was cold and dusty.

The second layer of mud on the floor is the first 'finish' layer. it's a 1/4" coat of mud plaster that we put down working from one end of the house to the other. More layers to come!

Wade plasters near the front door.

Super smooth.

Looking into the house from the master bedroom.

With one month left to go, the house is coming along swiftly.

This is how we maximize the sifting power of our contraption. Imagine a huge pile of wonderful sifted sand under there. And then imagine mixing it with water and straw. And then imagine spreading it all over the ground inside the house. And then imagine being grateful for kneepads and a good iPod playlist.

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