oo lala

Another day of finish plaster and this’n’that. Jason prepared the floors for finish plaster. Grant worked with Eric on the bathroom ‘vanity’ countertop. Gabriel sifted sand. The rest of us plastered like it was going out of style. The rooms are all different colors, warm tones that make the room feel rich and full of … Continue reading

Clean hawk, clean trowel, clean hands, clean heart.

We’re somewhere between the Final Push and the Push Before the Final Push.

Serving the master tea.

One of the things we learned last weekend with Joel Glanzberg was this motion called ‘serving the master tea.’ Basically, you start with your hands out in front of you, palms up, like you’ve got a tray filled with tea. Then you swoop them up, around and down again without flipping over your hands ever. … Continue reading

Straight line: line of duty | Curved line: line of beauty

To put it simply, this past weekend was stellar. Joel Glanzberg spent the weekend with us and 20 other people talking about how to observe the systems and patterns of nature around us and apply them to our everyday existence. We talked about permaculture and it applies to everything from gardening to architecture to diet … Continue reading

CR google calendar

The floor is smooth and sometimes delicate. We walk around with care and try as hard as we can to not drop hammers or chisels. The Google calendar for this week reads: “Pour Slabs, Trim, Cabinets, Countertops, Wood Wall, Bar install, Electrical” and then overlapping that around Friday, it reads “permaculture workshop.” Pour slabs means … Continue reading

tiny movements

When Serah asked Lisa how her day was on site, she responded “It was good! You should see it, the house really looks like a house now!” It’s amazing how the tiny things can make a house a home. Today’s tiny movements were the trim and the barnwall.

Pushing Pedals, Cranking Dollars

Hip hip hooray to all the Bike and Build 2011 riders for completing their summer tours! Their mission:¬†Through service-oriented cycling trips, Bike & Build benefits affordable housing and empowers young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement. Their work: Bike and Build raises funds for affordable housing projects,¬†garners media and community attention for … Continue reading

The fun we have.


You can’t polish a turd.

Last friday, Jeff Tobe from Solar Energy International visited the Community Rebuilds crew and lead a day workshop/seminar about solar energy. It was awesome. We started out with a very enthusiastic and dense powerpoint presentation which covered the basics of electricity, battery power, and then solar energy. We even talked about Tesla and Eddison (“an … Continue reading