Listen to your plaster.

Yesterday Wade made an interesting observation: the plaster on our hawks was talking!

Well. It wasn’t really talking, but it was making sounds. The lime in the plaster was reacting with the aluminum of the hawk and, when heated by the sun, began sizzlin’ away. For a second there, three of us, outside putting the finish coat of plaster on the house, had our ears pressed to the mounds of wet mud on our hawks. We’re kind of a weird bunch.

For the past three days, we have been extremely lucky to have the help of Cory Arellano, a colleague of Kelly’s. He was a master plasterer and great company. He told us he had been working with Kelly off and on for 10 years! We’ve only been working with him off and on for two and a half months and we’ve already learned so much. Cory taught us some tricks for working in tight areas and dealing with the tricky pigmented plaster. He also sang a long to Gloria Estefan with us, so basically he’s on of the family.


When this pigment dries, it will look more like a subtle terra-cotta.

Shadow boxing to start the day.

Here you can seen the pigment plaster on top of the pre-existing lime plaster. And that's Jerry's shadow.

Lisa works the details.


Jerry works around an outlet with interior plaster.


Kelly is mixing exterior finish plaster. It's kind of a loud job. He has no idea Serah is back there.

Wade and Kelly prepare the list for the next day's work.

Same window from before. Now you can see the difference between the wet and dry pigment.

Southwest corner.

Northwest corner.

Kitchen window.

Tools of the trade.

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