…and we’re back

After a week off, we’re back and ready to take Moab by the horns.

Since our theme is the DOUBLE RAINBOW we decided to dress like a giant rainbow with a leprechaun and a pot of gold and volunteer to pass water out to runners at The Other Half, Moab Half Marathon’s 8th annual run.  It was a blast. Our station was at the top of a massive hill in the race and I’m confident that our wild antics plus the loud irish jig music we had motivated to runners to smile and, at the very least, make it to the top of the hill.

Thanks everyone at Moab Half Marathon, and thank you runners!

Also, very big news: Our very own Jerry Kujawa ran the race and placed third in his age bracket! I know, it’s so awesome!

We are happy to be back together and excited to push through these last couple months. The house looks great. Come on out and visit us any time.

Ready for runners

Jerry in his party shirt: 3RD PLACE IN 20-24 YEAR-OLDS!!!!! We are so proud of him. He still had enough energy to climb an ancient native-american made ladder AND climb Cable Arch.

Gabriel helps goldify Grant (aka pot-o-gold).

No, it's not C3P0. It's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Duh. At least twenty runners took photos with the Golden Boy and, though some tried, no one ran away with any golden coins.

We played contemporary Irish folk music to inspire runners as they scrambled to the top of the hill where we were. Jason was inspired too.

Lisa the Leprechaun kicks Grant the Gold.

Paige and Mr. Dad Stuart. (Paige is on the left, in case you were confused)

As an aid station, we had two tables with water and two tables with Gatorade. Then we stood near the tables with cups in our hands and yelled inspirational sayings like "YOU'RE DOING GREAT! IT'S ALL DOWN HILL FROM HERE!" (which was all, mostly, true, except for maybe that little last part.)

Emily, the fearless leader, in perfect water-giving form. Oh yeah, and there's that guy who faked a business trip to run the race.


Lisa, double fisting.

Geezer Paige next to Safety Eric.

No clouds nor rainbows could suppress Jason's super-cool-kickflip-ollie-backslide-frontflop-gnar gnar-coolness.

C3P0 and Leia. aw.

Too much river dancing for the Wade Machine.

One Response to “…and we’re back”
  1. Jen Libera says:

    Glad to see that at least Eric’s ear were safe from those crazy runners, you never know when they’ll miss the water cup and take an ear off!

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