Real walls have curves.

That’s not to say that straight and plumb walls aren’t real, it’s just that these walls are so substantial and rich that they feel more real. They have large luscious curves, slopey window ledges, they smell like earth and they alert different senses, (sight, smell, sound) as they dry.

Today we had the most visitors we’ve ever had. At the end of the day, we counted a grand total of about 10. I was only able to snap pictures of a few, but here’s a big thanks to Ben Byrd and crew and Karl Larson!

and now for the pictures:

The house still awaits its final coat of pigmented plaster. One of the Cr crew or Laurel sprays down the house daily to keep it moist.

Paige stands where the dining nook will be. Behind her stands the wall separating the great room from the master bedroom.

Looking through the door into the Northwest bedroom.

Lovely afternoon light in the Southwest bedroom.

Lisa mixin' plaster.



HI KAKI! Thanks for the corner tips.



Master bedroom door nook.

ps - this is what Deadhorse Point looked like this evening.

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