sneak peak

Community Rebuilds presents a very special event in November. More details to come, but in the mean time:

Listen to your plaster.

Yesterday Wade made an interesting observation: the plaster on our hawks was talking! Well. It wasn’t really talking, but it was making sounds. The lime in the plaster was reacting with the aluminum of the hawk and, when heated by the sun, began sizzlin’ away. For a second there, three of us, outside putting the … Continue reading

…and we’re back

After a week off, we’re back and ready to take Moab by the horns. Since our theme is the DOUBLE RAINBOW we decided to dress like a giant rainbow with a leprechaun and a pot of gold and volunteer to pass water out to runners at The Other Half, Moab Half Marathon’s 8th annual run.  It … Continue reading

There’s snow on them mountains / happy birthday LISA!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA LISA IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA LISA IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY And a great big thank you to Gabriel (CR board member) for volunteering with us this morning.

hawk and trowel

There is not one bit of straw to be seen in the house. It’s all be covered with mud. Today, Jason ceremoniously placed the last bit of plaster over the straw. We have also covered all of our lathe and have moved on to plastering over the drywall. We’re all a little sore from handling … Continue reading

Real walls have curves.

That’s not to say that straight and plumb walls aren’t real, it’s just that these walls are so substantial and rich that they feel more real. They have large luscious curves, slopey window ledges, they smell like earth and they alert different senses, (sight, smell, sound) as they dry. Today we had the most visitors … Continue reading