When you’ve been working and living side by side with the same people for two months straight, you start to appreciate walls. Laurel’s walls will be two different types: drywall with earthen plaster finish, and wood lathe with earthen plaster finish. Wait til you see what she has in mind for the final look.

When you work side by side with the same people for two months straight, you also begin to appreciate new blood. Community rebuilds extends a big thanks to Blair and Chris for their hard work on our site on Monday. Chris, originally from California, is an AmeriCorps VISTA up in Green River and Blair, originally from Alabama, has just finished a fellowship at the EPIcenter, also in Green River. Thanks guys!

Final thought: free pizza makes almost everyone smile.

Thanks Blair and Chris!

Captain Drywall

Look at that gable end!

Our soffit is stained with Rit Dye for weatherproofing.

Here we are looking toward the bathroom and master bedroom.

Wood lathe creates a tactile surface for earthen plaster.

Lathe and bales.

One Response to “WALLZ”
  1. Jen Libera says:

    The house goes up by leaps and bounds, I can’t believe how fast you are moving along. Maybe you should all take a field trip to my house and help me knock out my nursery projects. I seem to be too busy with the harvest of the garden and frequent road trips to get anything done by myself! As they say in Drywall speak “Rock on”!

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