Some reasons why we love being CR interns.

1) Surreal dance parties in the desert.

2) River trips.

3) Custom paraphernalia made with love.

MELON NIGHTS: "Camp Moab" at the Jenk Star Ranch in Green River.

MELON NIGHTS: Wade on dawn patrol. Never has so much happiness been in Green River.

MELON NIGHTS: the stage and DJ booth. Imagine dancing in front of this with your fellow CR interns while ladies juggle with fire, someone with a giant ducky head walking by, and the loudest rave music the dessert has ever heard.

MELON NIGHTS: Gabriel, CR board member, surveys the Jenk Star ranch the morning after.

MELON NIGHTS: Here is the Sol Lun. For more information about this event, go to

Splore is a Utah based non-profit organization that specializes in promoting empowering experiences in an active friendly world through affordable, customized, inclusive recreation and education programs for people of all abilities. These adventure experiences act as a catalyst towards greater joy, courage, health and community. They were so kind to donate a Westwater river trip to us. THANK YOU SPLORE!

RIVER TRIP: Jason = pumped for the river.

We all had special names on the backs of our life jackets. Things like "Elvis," and "Glass Joe," but Jason's was by far the best: "Little Biscuits."

CR SHIRT PRINTING: As a rule, Oscar Niehaus oversees the printing of all CR paraphernalia.

CR SHIRT PRINTING: Thanks to Chad Niehaus, Moab artist, husband and father of the Niehaus House, for letting CR use his studio and materials to make these great shirts.


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