you put de lime in de plaster

The most significant thing that happened today was a big rain dump, right around mid-day, which accompanied us until clean-up by dripping off the roof and down our backs as we put another layer of plaster on the house. Big ole droplets of sweet, cool water.

We began putting the first coat of lime plaster on the exterior of the house. This first coat contains small bits of straw for fibrous, structural integrity. Yesterday Paige and Jason framed most of the interior walls and the rest was finished today. We ate lunch in the master bedroom.

After this coat of lime, we’ll put yet another coat of lime (this time with a small synthetic fiber instead of straw, and with the dye which will be the home’s color – Laurel’s pick) and then move on to the interior. As you can see, Laurel is a fan of early art-nouveau architecture and has designed window and door accents on the South and East facing walls. Fancy.

The white is the dried mud plaster (remember how deep brown it was?!) and the blue is extra reinforcement mesh.

It's easy to get muddy these days on site.

East window/door

East window

Southwest window

South double door

FRAMING. What we have here is the entryway to the bathroom and master bedroom. Part of what makes this home so energy efficient is that there are no hallways designed into the plan - which means little/no unused space being heated or cooled. You can see our plan on the official CR website:

Lisa enjoys a bit of television in one of the bedrooms.

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