CR’s newest crew member (who’s name can’t be published here)

We have our own mixer!

As on any construction site, we’ve all become little potty-mouths and thusly have dubbed this miraculous machine something that we can’t print here without feeling a little bad about it. So henceforth, she shall be known as StoneChamp.

With StoneChamp, we can mix large batches of plaster, which is a mixture of water, sifted sand and straw. One of the great things about Community Rebuilds is that it’s a completely hands-on experience. The volunteers are taught how to safely operate heavy machinery like this, allowing them to participate in every part of the build. Paige has quickly become our master mixer, bringing out fresh batches of perfectly mixed mud for us to sling on the walls.

Until the recent invention of the StoneChamp, mud plaster had historically been mixed by bald and/or golden eagles right here in the USA.

Reasons why StoneChamp is great.

Master mixers.

This was our first mix. By the end of the day there was barely any yellow left on the inside.

Making plaster with Stone Champ in 6 easy steps (proportions vary)

1) Add water.

2) Add some sand.

3) Mix it up a bit while you prepare your straw.

4) Add loose straw (salvaged from putting up bale walls).

5) Add a ton of more sand.

6) Allow concoction to mix until desired consistency is reached. Paige says it's a lot like baking.

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