Paige and lathe



Another productive day on site. Kelly Ray is with us again for interior plaster work. Personally, I’m most excited to learn about Tadelakt, and that is for two reasons: 1) it’s a mostly organic, waterproof chemical reaction situation that involves rubbing perfect little stones on the wall.¬†2) it sounds like Cadillac.


When you’ve been working and living side by side with the same people for two months straight, you start to appreciate walls. Laurel’s walls will be two different types: drywall with earthen plaster finish, and wood lathe with earthen plaster finish. Wait til you see what she has in mind for the final look. When … Continue reading


One more reason why it’s great being a CR intern is the shmooze factor. With Community Rebuilds, it goes to 11. For example, last Wednesday, the day before the river trip, Bruce King, a registered structural engineer in private practice in San Rafael, California, came to eat dinner with us at our home in Moab. … Continue reading

Some reasons why we love being CR interns.

1) Surreal dance parties in the desert. 2) River trips. 3)¬†Custom paraphernalia made with love.  

Our first sponsor!

You know what’s better than Gatorade? Emergen-C. You know what’s better than Air-Born? Emergen-C. You know what can be dangerous if swallowed in one powdery gulp like how Wade did this morning? Emergen-C. You know who Community Rebuilds is sponsored by? Emergen-C! Community Rebuilds has been gifted 100o packets of Emergen-C. It just arrived this … Continue reading

you put de lime in de plaster

The most significant thing that happened today was a big rain dump, right around mid-day, which accompanied us until clean-up by dripping off the roof and down our backs as we put another layer of plaster on the house. Big ole droplets of sweet, cool water. We began putting the first coat of lime plaster … Continue reading

CR’s newest crew member (who’s name can’t be published here)

We have our own mixer! As on any construction site, we’ve all become little potty-mouths and thusly have dubbed this miraculous machine something that we can’t print here without feeling a little bad about it. So henceforth, she shall be known as StoneChamp. With StoneChamp, we can mix large batches of plaster, which is a … Continue reading

We’re Done!

Just kidding. This is going to be a Mega-Post to top all mega-posts of United Blog History. I thought about turning this into a few smaller posts, that doesn’t really jive with our general sentiment. Of late, our crew has been described as both a freight train and a tropical storm. In both cases, you … Continue reading

Thank you Moab Half Marathon!

Thanks to Ranna, Faye, Sheri and everyone at Moab Half Marathon for the spiffy hats! The days are hot, the sun is merciless and now we have to bright blue protection.