Who has Woody?

I looked at our natural building instructor today at lunch and said, “this is the most fun I have ever had on a construction job.” And then right after I said it, I realized it was completely true. How many other job sites can you sit on top of a huge stack of bales like queen of the world, swing a home-made wooden mallet named Woody, develop a highly effective technique called ‘the pregnant push,’ and moonwalk through piles of loose straw while Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” blasts out of Millie the Boombox? Can you count them on one hand? Can you count them at all?

Amidst all the dancing and straw-flinging we accomplished a great deal today. By 3pm, our exhausted CR crew took a step back and realized we had over three-quarters of the walls up. A day and a half’s work! The space inside has a totally different feel now, it’s darker and sound travels differently. It actually feels cramped sometimes. Mostly we stuck to teams and those teams stuck to their sections. Jason completed the West wall almost completely on his own while Paige cut bales into smaller sections and later finished the Western edge of the South wall, Lisa and I worked on and finished the North wall, Jerry and Grant multi-tasked completing the East wall, chain-sawing notches into bales for others, and cutting bales, and Wade squared up almost every bale we used. Eric and Kelly jumped in wherever possible and were constantly jumping around us with advice and encouragement. Such a good day.

A house in motion.

Outside a window on the North wall looking at Paige heaving a bale.

Outside a window on the West wall looking in at Wade notching a bale. Hooray for protective chaps.

North wall. The pipes you see in the foreground are for the future bathroom.

West wall.

Awaiting the last bale on the North wall

Serah ... awaiting the last bale in the North wall ...

Paige and Jason knocking it out, literally. You can see Woody back there being used to smack a bale into place.


Jerry using a grinder to put a notch in the corner of a bale. We have to "notch" some of the bales so that they fit snugly in place at the posts, doorways, and window bucks while still being flush to the exterior of the house.

The West Wall.

Jason wedging in a bale.

We have electricity!

Lisa stops for a quick picture in Laurel's new mini-patio-doorway.

Eric raking up the massive amounts of loose straw from the day.

Each day at roll-up (or "clean up" for all you Barney fans) we rake together about 4 contractor garbage bags full of loose straw. We'll use this later for making cob, straw clay or, at the very least, mud control.

Arrival! Bamboo pins. These will be affixed to the walls for extra support. More on this later.

What a beauty.

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  1. Jen Libera says:

    Yeah team!

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