The dog days are nowhere near over

The afternoons seem to keep getting hotter and clearly (as you can see below) it’s starting to get to us. However, while the temperatures rise, so does the house … literally. With all of the trusses in place, we’ve started laying gravel for floors and, though we don’t look like it, we’ve managed to stay sane.

weatherproofing and smiling.


Wade makes pulling nails look like fun.


Paige! Nice blade.


Trust us, Jerry knows how to properly use a hammer.


Most of our quality time happens in vans these days.

One Response to “The dog days are nowhere near over”
  1. Hi from Grandma says:

    Hi, Jerry – so now you can properly use a hammer. I don’t know, from your picture you look pretty dangerous with it, ha, ha. Looks like everything is goind great in Moab and your team seems to be a very nice group and fun to be with. We had Amy’s graduation party this past Saturday and missed you and Nick so much. The day started out bad, but the sun came out and hopefully everybody had a good time. We were at your Mom and Dad’s last Wednesday to see Nick before he took off for school and quite a bit of his friends came over, so it was a pretty late night for your Mom and Dad. He looked a little like you (caveman style), but certainly enjoyed his Montana stay. Kids are all back in school now, so the days at home during the morning and afternoon are very quiet now, except for the occasional yelling I do at Grandpa. We saw the Rising of the Planet of the Apes at the show and Donna brought over a pirate tape, so my sister, Joan, your Mom and Dad and Grandpa and I watched it upstairs. Your Mom fell asleep about half way through so she’ll still have to go to the show to see it. The pictures and progress on your blog look great and we can’t wait to see the finished project and, of course, we can’t wait to see and talk to you in person. Love to you, honey, Grandma.and Grumpy.

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