Day in the life of Grant Steerzer

Grant Steerzer, from Kentucky and Pennsylvania and Scotland tells us about his day on August 15th.

It was another very productive day at the site, with the other half of the framing and beams up. Jerry wasn’t joking when he lamented his early attempts with a pneumatic nail gun.  After some artful dodging yesterday, Eric informed me with a smile that I would not be avoiding my fear of it today. Naturally, care of the impressive kickback, I managed to mangle one of the posts nicely, though not irreparably I’m glad to report.  A few hours and a slew of angry looks at the nail gun later, I managed to nail my section of the main support beam together with surprising success! By lunch the house was really coming along.  Seeing it progressing so quickly, my mind can barely keep up!  It’s almost a good thing that the heat, which was a little less dry than usual today, had me satisfyingly exhausted by the time we “rolled up” on site.  Knowing that tomorrow it’s going to look something like the Parthenon with the roof trusses up, I may have bounced into something dangerous with excitement (no sarcasm intended).  The team is working so well in spite of the heat and I’m blown away by the dedication I see in everyone.  In no time at all, the straw will be stacked and we’ll be doing finish work, but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.  For now, I think it best to reflect on our amazing team and what we’ve already accomplished with a cold beverage. Stay tuned!

refinishing door

Grant works with Paige and Lisa to refinish Laurel's front door. Not a nail gun in site.

Jerry secures forms for concrete columns.

What a pro!

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