posts & beams & pneumatics

Jerry’s notes from Friday, August 12th

We have half of a house installed! (or half of the frame of a house…) For someone who has never built as much as a bird house, seeing half of our house’s beams and posts installed fills me with a bit of pride.  Around noon today, it hit me that I am helping to build a whole house.  And though this is slightly overwhelming, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this project – I’ve learned so much already (today’s lesson was how to fire a nail gun, and after a few missed shots, I have to say, I think ‘I nailed it’)

Community Rebuilds really is a win/win situation.  Moab wins in getting a new straw bale home, but I feel that us interns gain just as much.  Being part of such a rewarding program and learning how to construct such a beautiful home makes me quite satisfied with my decision to come out to Moab.

The bulldozer supports and lowers the beam as the CR crew place it in the right spot.

Our site supervisor, Eric. That big of a smile is a good sign for us!

Wade Uken decides that if they won't let him drive the thing, he'll ride it.

One Response to “posts & beams & pneumatics”
  1. Hi from Grandma says:

    Jerry, your blog was very interesting and exciting. We are all so happy that you are doing such a wonderful thing and that it makes you so happy. Your picture makes you look like a caveman, ha, ha. Keep up the good work, have fun, stay healthy and safe, and know we all love you very, very much. Love, hugs and kisses, Grandma

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