A quick look back

Below you’ll find an account of the CR crew’s first big road trip together. Thanks to Paige Stuart for the great writing and to Lisa Wasson for the great photos.
The Community Rebuilds group embarked on a three-day mission to acquire as many of the building projects as possible as cheaply as possible.  We loaded our bodies (minus Serah sadly) and camping gear into two vehicles, one with a trailer in tote.  We drove straight to Denver and then zig-zagged back to Moab, hitting as many Habitat for Humanity Restores as possible.  Restores are fabulous thrifty places to find new and used building materials.  One has to be willing to do hours of sifting through the merchandise though.  This is at once a thrilling and exhausting endeavor.  We persevered though and managed to return to Moab with all of our windows for Laurel’s house and all but one of the doors.
Camping out in Denver at an inner-city State Park called Cherry Creek was also a great way for the team to get to know each other.  A few things being:  Wade is acrobatic in all of his endeavors, while Lisa is actually a well-trained gymnast.  Jerry, despite his height, can “flag pole” his body and Grant owns a miniature circus tent.  Jason, aka “Baba Ghanoush”, is quite the musician (and chef), while Paige has a secret longing to be an aerial rope-dancer and likes cheap whiskey.  Given the above we decided our troop is a bit of a circus.  We are still refining the name for our multifaceted bunch.  Given that we had at least one rainbow sighting per day since our inception, we think our name should somehow reference this phenomena.
Back to the team’s accomplishments…we hit the lumber yard to gather our beetle-kill pine and proceeded to storm the Home Depot in Grand Junction with the award Community Rebuilds was granted for their affordable housing endeavors.  Restores are wonderful for their budget wares, but something about purchasing shiny new tools is exhilarating and refreshing.  We split up a list of needed items and meet back at the cash registers in no time with a little over $1000 dollars worth of gifted goods that included wheelbarrows, a chainsaw, hoses, drills, trowels, and an assortment of other tools.
Relieved to finally have the successful three-day shopping spree come to an end, we loaded back up into our (now tightly crammed) vehicles and crossed back over into the red rocks of Moab.  Tarps flapping in the wind around all our lovely pieces of hardware on the flatbed trailer.  Pieces that will all come together in the next four months to become a home.

"The house is gonna be about 'this' big." Eric uses technical measuring devices (hands) outside of Denver.

Site Supervisor and Maestro Eric Plourde goes over plans with the crew.

LUMBER in Grand Junction

More LUMBER in Grand Junction, CO

Paonia, Colorado. (and Baba Ghanoush)

Wrappin at the ReStore in Denver, CO

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