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The Philosophy of Permaculture

To say that permaculture is just about plants is like saying that Socrates just talked about cities. It’s only true in the most superficial sense. Yes, most of what Plato transcribed of Socrates teachings -from The Republic, to The Apology, to The Crito- were centered around cities. But the city wasn’t the point. What makes … Continue reading

A beautiful apricot blossoms in its new home while swale builders carry on in the background. Once the tree is in the ground, we put one layer of cardboard, a thick layer of straw, and an even thicker layer of woodchip/leaf mulch. Then we top it with a hefty sprink of composted chicken or sheep manure that will seep through and feed the tree with regular watering and rain.

Think like a mountain.

Permaculture Workshop, Spring 2014 On Monday and Tuesday we learned to “think like a mountain.” During this semester’s permaculture workshop we split our time between philosophizing and digging, practicing Aikido and practicing fire building. We planted trees, established guilds and built water harvesting earthworks with the support of locals, visitors, businesses and nonprofits. Many thanks … Continue reading


The Taming of the Bale

Like every great love affair it took quite a bit of time and preparation. A lot more preparation than any of us had expected. And during that preparation things seemed deceptively conventional; like the vixen we were pursuing was hardly the racy, alternative siren we expected. But that all changed today as Doug impaled the … Continue reading

Building Inspector Jeff Whitney gives us the thumbs up! And while you're admiring his rad hat, take a look at that RADiant floor tubing...
laying pex

In-floor Radiance

Here is a great example of an aspect of a CR home that benefits both homeowners, student-interns and the whole community. In-floor, or “radiant” heating provides an allergen-free method to heat the home. Currently, our adobe floors perform so well with our passive solar design that some CR homeowners have reported rarely turning their heat … Continue reading


The Who

“I want each of you to tell me why you are here,” says Emily. It’s a big question. The effervescent director of Community Rebuilds looks around the circle at the 11 eclectic faces staring back at her. We are arranged in a rough circle in the homey living room of Eric and Nancy’s house. The … Continue reading


So Long, So Brief.

“I maintain, despite the moment’s evidence against the claim, that we are born and grow up with a fondness for each other, and we have genes for that. We can be talked out of it, for the genetic message is like a distant music, and some of us are hard-of-hearing. Societies are noisy affairs, drowning … Continue reading


Ceiling Plaster Quickreel

1/8th inch Sifted Reject Soil + Twice Chopped Straw + H2O +  24 Human Forelimbs = Ceiling Browncoat (Over The Hump)  

036 (2)

Mud and Tree, Plaster and Sill

“Both destiny’s kisses and its dope-slaps illustrate an individual person’s basic personal powerlessness over the really meaningful events in his life: i.e. almost nothing important that ever happens to you happens because you engineer it. Destiny has no beeper; destiny always leans trenchcoated out of an alley with some sort of Psst that you usually … Continue reading


Reign and Bow

No burns. No nicks. Nothing out of square. No spaces between but the ones intended (in tension). No sign of the glue that binds, the buried metals which link. Cover all indications of construction, of the un-natural, the created un-create, with further agents still. Those which conceal themselves in color, in the spectrums through which, … Continue reading


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