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Brevity, Balance, and Bales

(Written by Jake Egelhoff) Time has felt more or less elastic these past few weeks—stretching and shrinking depending on the day or week’s task. It moves on incessantly as my hands seem to work without inhibitions or commands, and is marked only by the mounting structure that meets us under a sun that creeps up … Continue reading

Photo by Mia Krakowski

Patchwork Process

(Written by Jake Egelhoff)   One can’t escape metaphor while building a house. Houses are many things. They are nests. They’re forts, shelters, and caves. They can be personified. They can be skeletons. They can be cosmic. They can be like writing an essay, or starting a family. They can be an animal, or a … Continue reading


Two foundations!

It’s the middle of week three and the build sites have been buzzing non-stop with activity. As of yesterday, foundations for both homes are poured and setting up. Next stop: Frame Town.  

Photo by Serah Mead

Getting There

Trying to sum up the significance of our first week at Community Rebuilds is something like trying to catch a hundred fireflies in under a minute. As I look back and reflect on the past few days, I see too many highlights, too many illuminating thoughts, concepts, and moments to focus on just one. Day … Continue reading

Mile Markers

Today was the beginning of the end. The adobe floor has always sat as the final mile marker. The last big thing that had to be done on the straw bale home that we have spent the last 4 months building, and we started pouring it today. It’s fitting that the adobe floor is our … Continue reading


The Broader Perspective

Michael Reynolds is a rock star. He has the long hair, the charisma, and the wild enthusiasm. He even has groupies, lots of them. But his celebrity doesn’t come from music (though he did take a few years off to tour with his rock band). Rather he is famous for the creation, and the more … Continue reading


Earthships, drag queens and regular ol’ buildin’

The wind has been wild in Moab. Luckily we’re mostly working inside on Steve’s house – plastering walls, detailing the kitchen and getting ready for the final floor pour. The next step for plaster will be adding pigment… let there be color! Two weeks ago we were lucky to attend Radically Sustainable Buildings: a one-day Earthships … Continue reading


The Web We Weave

An excerpt from the Utah Housing Coalition’s Spring 2014 newsletter. Thank you, Tara Rollins for your kind words and recognition!


The Philosophy of Permaculture

To say that permaculture is just about plants is like saying that Socrates just talked about cities. It’s only true in the most superficial sense. Yes, most of what Plato transcribed of Socrates teachings -from The Republic, to The Apology, to The Crito- were centered around cities. But the city wasn’t the point. What makes … Continue reading

A beautiful apricot blossoms in its new home while swale builders carry on in the background. Once the tree is in the ground, we put one layer of cardboard, a thick layer of straw, and an even thicker layer of woodchip/leaf mulch. Then we top it with a hefty sprink of composted chicken or sheep manure that will seep through and feed the tree with regular watering and rain.

Think like a mountain.

Permaculture Workshop, Spring 2014 On Monday and Tuesday we learned to “think like a mountain.” During this semester’s permaculture workshop we split our time between philosophizing and digging, practicing Aikido and practicing fire building. We planted trees, established guilds and built water harvesting earthworks with the support of locals, visitors, businesses and nonprofits. Many thanks … Continue reading


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